Thursday, June 4, 2020



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When is it wrong to satisfy the customer?

Business is powerful. There are a lot of moving parts and getting it right can yield tremendous benefits. At...

Micro, macro challenges hindering the development of modern urban centres In...

It is undeniable that the people residing in certain metropolitan areas in Nigeria suffer from...

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Once upon a time, all we wanted was to just stay indoors and not go anywhere. We were sick of traffic, tired of our overbearing boss, and having to see those annoying colleagues every day. Now that our wishes have become reality, we would give nearly anything to have our old lives back.
Brand Journalists’ Association of Nigeria has gone into a partnership with frontline media Marketing Firm Katunga Media to provide a robust capacity building platform for its members. This partnership came as a result of the very strategic need to better equip its members as they support Indigenous brands in...

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