Reliance23_2Reliance Infosystems, an IT solutions company, has announced the introduction of Sajenwa Mobile POS; a new initiative for business owners.
In a statement issued recently, the Software Development Director, Reliance Infosystems; Danjuma Audu noted that Sajenwa Mobile Point of Sales Solution for retailers will solve critical business hitches like unaffordability of essential technology tools which results in operational inefficiency, revenue loss, slowed growth and inability of small business owners to achieve more.
“The Nigeria population is almost hitting about 200 million people and we have about 160 million mobile devices. This results presents a massive opportunity to empower and afford small businesses the use of business tool using their smart phones.” Audu said.
According to Reliance Infosystems, Sajenwa Mobile Point of Sales Solution was strategically created to directly solve business vulnerabilities with its portable cloud-based point-of-sales, inventory and accounting solution running directly on Windows, Android and IOS mobile phones.
Sajenwa App sits fitly on all forms of devices and it is able to print transaction receipts to Bluetooth-capable mobile printer making it a portable business tool that perfectly suits the mobile nature of small businesses in developing market.
Closing the affordability gap, Sajenwa Mobile Point of Sales Solution help solves what has hitherto prevented millions of small businesses from running efficient operations and achieving business excellence. Aside cost-saving, the solution also helps them to make projections and scale massively.
Also subscribed Financial Institutions are able to gain visibility into SMEs operations from the data generated from Sajenwa POS which enables them to easily make decisions on loan applications.