Chi Limited, Nigeria’s market leader in fruit juices and yoghurt drinks is pushing the boundaries again by introducing the new 315ml ‘Grab ‘n’ Go mixology pack. Now you can enjoy your favorite Hollandia yoghurt mixed with your preferred drink.

The mixology Grab ‘n’ Go Pack is already a hit with consumers who love to mix drinks as the smooth texture and great taste of Hollandia Yoghurt goes well with one’s chosen beverage.

HY 315ml PLAIN F&BThe Hollandia Mixology Grab ‘n’ Go Packs are also great for on the go fun as they are light and handy, with a specially designed prismatic shape and an attractive screw cap that you feel proud to be seen with.

Commenting on the new product, the Managing Director Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy said “We are committed to ensuring that our loyal consumers continue to get value and satisfaction from our products. Our customers are being offered great value with the new Hollandia Mixology Grab ‘n’ Go packs which provide them a tasty and nourishing option to mix with other beverages”.

Mixing drinks just got better with the new Hollandia Mixology Grab ‘n’ Go Pack. Consumers can now enjoy the smoothest blend and the greatest taste just the way they like it with a handy 315ml pack of their favorite yoghurt to mix with a variety of beverages.

Hollandia Yoghurt ‘Mixology” 315ml pack is currently available in Traffic, Road Kiosks, Supermarkets, Chi Shoppe, departmental stores and neighborhood shops across Nigeria.

Hollandia Grab n Go 315ml Yoghurt is available in Plain Sweetened, Pure ‘N’ Plain and Strawberry flavours.