It’s been two weeks since the nominees for the ninth edition of the highly coveted Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) were announced. And as is the case with every award show, some stars were surprisingly left out of the running for an AMVCA.

Top on the AMVCA snub list for 2023 is popular Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi.

His exclusion from the Best Male Actor in a Drama, Movies or TV Series category for his role in Anikulapo was most unexpected, considering Anikulapo was nominated in 16 categories.

The ‘Half human, full screen god’ as he refers to himself in his Instagram bio took the snub in good faith, responding with a light-hearted post that further endeared him to his fans.

AMVCA snub aside, the actor has starred in several diverse on-screen roles that demonstrate his versatility and prove that he is an actor worthy of note.

Here are five movies streaming on Showmax that has us convinced he is an icon in the making:

No man’s land

A wife is torn between making the toughest decision to walk away from her marriage following her husband’s diagnosed mental health condition and the domestic abuses that follow afterwards. Now she must decide whether to stay or go.

Trust Kunle to play the psycho part to a T. The movie also features Scarlet Gomez (Hello, Wura!), Uzor Arukwe, Nkechi Blessing, and Tino Darlington.

Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts is a gripping tale of love, hope, and resilience. When cancer hits a pregnant woman, her family must race against time to save her and their unborn child.

The movie highlights the role of family in understanding and dealing with the trauma that comes with breast cancer treatment with Kunle Remi playing Matthew, a CEO of a tech startup and husband of Julie (Tana Adelana). The movie also features Bimbo Manuel, Similoluwa Hassan, Kiki Omeili, Samuel Dede and others.

The Honeymoon

A newlywed couple is looking forward to their honeymoon. However, nothing prepares them for what is about to happen to them the night before flying out of Nigeria to an unknown destination. This tragedy will shake their core values, and maybe yours.

Playing the role of Femi’s best friend-cum-support-system, you get to see a different side of Kunle Remi as a supporting actor.

The Africa Magic Original also features Femi Jacobs, Chelsea Eze, Omotu Bissong, Chris Eneaji and others.

The Love Square

Lanre (Kunle Remi) is a hardcore Casanova who doesn’t believe in love. But he must choose between following his heart or losing his brother when he falls hard for his brother’s girl.

Directed by Diche Enuwa, The Love Square features Mofe Duncan, Rosemary Abazie, Bofie Itombra, and others.


He is a prodigal son. He is reckless and doesn’t care about whose heart he wrecks… until he meets his match in Zoe.

Melvin must do everything he can to win Zoe’s heart, even if it means changing his reckless lifestyle, but it appears that she is a tough nut to crack. The chickens have come home to roost for this heartbreaker.

Who better to play the famous heartbreaker turned lover boy than our own Casanova, Kunle Remi? Watch him catch the love bug and eat the humble pie in this thrilling drama.