Ms. Adeyanju
Ms. Adeyanju

Oluwatofunmi Adeyanju, a mass communication undergraduate in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, who had been into Ankara shoes and bags of different fabrics even before she gained admission into Higher Institute of Learning.
According to her, “Even before I finished my secondary school education, I already knew how to make shoes and bags of different types with any fabrics, I never took my time to learn it anywhere, or pay money to anybody to teach me.
Speaking on her creativity and motivation, she explained that the art of making Ankara shoes and bags is an interesting venture because it gives people the Liberty to come up with their own innovations and inventions, she however, said creativity and self-motivation is required to make it in the business.

“My parents were also a huge encouragement because they inspired me as I started gradually and today, am a boss of myself” she stated. Listing her major challenges in the business, Tofunmi said, that like every other business venture, the main challenge in Ankara shoes and bag making is finance, and the ability to create awareness and educate the audience that this project is very much needed in the society and industry.
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She said “finance is a major challenge, am planning to start on my own by buying materials and other things that would boost the business, build awareness, and also educate the youth in the society.