The Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria, (EXMAN) has been recognised by the apex advertising regulatory body, Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria, (APCON) as the sectoral body within the advertising sector, hence giving the association a seat in the APCON Council when it is finally constituted by the federal government.

The Sunday Independent gathered that after a meeting with APCON hierarchy led by the Chief Executive/Registrar, Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo and President of EXMAN, Mr. Tade Adekunle, the apex ad regulator was satisfied with the progress made by EXMAN hence granted the body a sectoral body status.

Other sectoral groups with the Nigerian advertising ecosystem are Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, (AAAN), Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, (OAAN), Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria, (NPAN), Advertisers Association of Nigeria, (ADVAN), Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (MIPAN), Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, (BON) and Association of Voice Over Artists of Nigeria, (AVOAN).

Confirming the new development, the president of EXMAN, Mr. Adekunle said, “The build up to this feat has been long coming since the inception of the Association some years ago. However, when the Federal Government appointed the APCON CEO/Registrar, the present EXCO of EXMAN again commenced talks with the new CEO/Registrar.”

Tade Adekunle, President EXMAN

“The rest is now history as they say, as EXMAN has now been officially named a Sectoral Group under APCON,” he said.

An elated EXMAN president said that by this new status, EXMAN now have a seat at the APCON Council  whenever the council is reconstituted by the government.

“Yes. Most definitely” He said adding that “This brings EXMAN to the Decision Table. The Association now becomes a body backed by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all Agencies who will be offering the business of Experiential Marketing would have to come under EXMAN to be ratified.”

According to him, “It is a great feat. The Force of Law is the one thing the Association has since been desirous of. It will certainly strengthen the association.”

EXMAN is the sectoral trade body for forward-looking experiential marketing communications agencies in Nigeria. As well as serving as a co-operative of the best experiential marketing agencies in Nigeria, we exist to support, promote and defend the interests of over 45 member agencies, with total billing of over thirty billion naira through comprehensive core services and platforms.