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Advertisers can deploy campaigns and pay later, says BrandMyCar as it introduces Pay Per Data
Brand My Car, Nigeria’s first out-of-home vehicle advertising company has rolled out an initiative geared towards giving more value to its customers on its unique advertising platform.
Tagged “Pay-Per-Data,” the initiative frees brands from the doubts about upfront OOH advertising rentals and enables them to pay based on estimated eyeballs reached during campaign periods.
According to the Managing Director of Brandmycar, Amaka Okolo, the initiative is driven by emerging global best-practice in the industry which prescribes the inclusion of measurable and verifiable data in the business, giving room for a lot more transparency in OOH rental billing processes.
To ensure this becomes the standard, Okolo said Brandmycar has introduced a short code, , to which customers are only required to respond to Call to Action set by advertisers. All text messages by responders are Free. For example Text “WIN” to 5555. This will activate a data-driven monitoring on deployed campaigns and advertisers will only have to pay for each respondent to their campaign/Call to Action.
Recall that Brand My Car was launched in the Nigerian market last year and spoke of allowing private car owners to earn extra income on their cars by turning them into mobile advertising platforms. Today, BMC has expanded its catchment to cabs and “Keke” areas in response to client demands to well-targeted, cost-friendly campaigns.
Explaining how the Pay-per-Data works, Okolo said the client is allowed to first identify the target market after which BMC deploys advertisers’ campaign based on agreed placement platform.
“The Campaign is monitored online real-time by both BMC and Advertiser through a customized solution and the client only pays for data of respondents to campaign. Minimum data cut-off is 5,000. Advertisers can end campaign once target set is reached. It is only at this time that the Advertiser sends BMC campaign material and pays only for printing of material,” she explained. Rancard Mobility Nigeria will be providing the technical and back-end support for the success of the model.
Amaka further said that Brandmycar provides the added value of conducting a recce exercise on behalf of clients based on the profiled target market to ensure maximum reach to those that are pre-planned to be exposed to the campaign.
“If an advertiser desires to reach students in an urban area like Lagos, we go to the field and make sure the vehicles on which the campaigns would be deployed are ones with very high exposure to the communities, destinations and routes of the students,” she said.
She listed Cost Effectiveness, real-time tracking and value for money as the prime benefits of the unique advertising channel and said enabling “selective audience targeting by demographics, interest, lifestyle among others is critical to an advertisers goal of effective campaign delivery.
“At Brandmycar, the ultimate goal is to convert viewers into new Customers. We provide all the gateways necessary to bring qualified leads to advertisers, offering automated lead capture from beginning to end in real-time. And advertisers can view the results of their advertising spend, and make educated adjustments to campaigns as needed,” she concluded.