The Chief Executive Officer of a Lagos-based real estate development company, Eystone, Hassan Ismail, has said it is important to ensure digital strategy and data-driven decision-making in driving business success and growth.

Ismail disclosed this during a digital strategy bootcamp organised by Hassan Ismail Consulting for CEOs which was held in Lagos.

According to the statement, the bootcamp was aimed at empowering business leaders with the necessary tools to drive revenue growth through digital channels.

It stated that in today’s rapidly changing business landscape, companies needed to embrace digital transformation as a critical strategy to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the digital era.

According to Ismail, the importance of digital strategy for CEOs in today’s business world could not be overemphasised.

He said, “Those who fail to embrace digital transformation risk being left behind, and those who can leverage digital technologies to their advantage will be the ones who thrive.

“In today’s digital age, businesses have access to vast amounts of data, and CEOs who know how to use this data to drive growth and innovation are well-positioned to succeed.”

At the event, he exhibited an effective method his company utilised to acquire leads for real estate business and shared actionable steps for the audience to replicate and adopt the system for their own businesses.

The statement stated that Eystone Development’s Digital Strategy Bootcamp for CEOs was highly effective in teaching leaders to drive revenue growth through digital channels.

It stated that, “It is a testament to the growing importance of digital transformation and is shaping the future of business in Nigeria and beyond.

“To ensure the success and growth of their businesses, adopting digital strategies has become crucial for leaders.

“Hence, programmes like Hassan Ismail’s Digital Strategy Bootcamp have become invaluable in helping these leaders.”