Chi Farms Limited, has expanded its hatchery production capacity at its Ajanla Farms, Ibadan.

The company in a statement said the hatchery capacity has been increased from 44 million to 52-million-day-old chicks per annum to meet the increasing demand for their products across Nigeria.

The Chief Operating Officer of Chi Farms, Dr Ananda Raj, highlighted the critical nature of the expansion at Ajanla Farms, Ibadan, stating, “Our decision to expand our hatchery production capacity was driven by the high demand for our Day-old chicks across Nigeria. The strategic location of Ajanla Farms, Ibadan, away from bird-prone diseases and proximity to our hatchery fleets, makes it an ideal location to increase our breeding success and meet the ever-increasing demands from the poultry industry in Nigeria.”

The statement noted that the new state-of-the-art hatchery ensures optimum biosecurity measures and standard operating procedures for optimal hatchery performance.

“We are committed to excellent breeding and sustainability because every chick’s health, well-being, and performance begin in the hatchery,” said Dr Tunji Olaitan, Executive Director of Chi Farms,” he stated.