Across various cultures and traditions, tea drinking is generally seen as a lifestyle that cuts across age or ethnic barrier, with more people getting initiated into the culture. Tea drinking has become not just a part of our meals, but a natural remedy that re-invigorates and refreshes all day long.

Chi Ice tea According to, a reputable fitness and wellness website, research has shown that Ice Tea has been proven to be a healthy option as it contains anti-oxidants, low calories as well as a good hydrating and rejuvenating benefit.

For Ice Tea consumers across Nigeria, exciting times lie ahead as Chi Limited, Nigeria’s market leader in juice and fruit drinks recently unveiled a new marketing communication campaign for its Ice Tea brand, tagged “Come over to the Tea Side of Life”.

Made from premium natural tea leaves with delicious fruity flavors, Chi Ice Tea is an excellent blend of natural tea extract with real fruits, produced to provide consumers a delightful and natural great-tasting beverage for rejuvenation.

Meant to promote the culture of tea drinking across the various strata of society, the television advertisement aptly delivers the emotional attributes of refreshment, rejuvenation and naturalness associated with the brand in a resonating manner.

The advertisement, which is being deployed through television, radio, billboards and digital platforms, as well as other marketing and trade activations, is already receiving wide acclaim for its succinct depiction of the Chi Ice Tea brand with premium and persuasive imagery.

The television advertisement highlights an experience with Chi Ice Tea, which is in line with its brand promise of tasty refreshing goodness. Set on a beach, it portrays a lady who is in desperate need of respite and refreshment. She stumbles on a pack of Chi Ice Tea to quench her thirst and is instantly rejuvenated.

The advertisement seeks to attract the attention of its target audience by featuring a diverse race of carefully selected characters, all coming together to celebrate and connect through dance and camaraderie, thus reinforcing the brand as world class and of premium quality.

Chi Limited’s range of health-conscious brands continues to lead in their various categories as favourites among consumers in Nigeria. With the refreshing and rejuvenating goodness of Chi Ice Tea, one would ask for nothing more but accept the call to come over to the tea side of life.