360nobs_closeup_300x250All movements start with a single act of courage from someone. From the #IceBucketChallenge to the #NaeNae dance, its contagious effect starts with one taking his or her own first courageous step. This Valentine’s Day, CloseUp – flagbearer for closeness – is redefining the meaning of physical closeness. The Oral care brand is daring youths to act on their desire to #MakeYourMove using the power of just six words.
With Valentine’s Day being the one day when no one wants to be alone, the desire for physical closeness gets even more intense. Closeup naturally plays an important role on this special day, as it aims to build appeal amongst the confident youths and encourage them to come together. “Sometimes youths can be shy about their feelings. All they need is a little push to get out of their comfort zone. The sharing of bold moves to get close can re-ignite their confidence and spark their desire to connect” said Davido. To turn the heat up, we are challenging youths to share their bold move this Valentine using six words on Closeup’s website www.closeup.com.ng
“Nothing replaces the intensity of being physically close, but sometimes the closer we get, the less confident we feel. A breath of freshness and confidence is all we need for an intense, unforgettable moment. Closeup guarantees 12 hours of Freshness and this is why we have created a platform to help young people express themselves both online and offline,” said Category Manager, Oral Care, Unilever, Mrs. Bunmi Adeniba.

Closeup-Enlisting key opinion leaders to share stories of their own bold moves will encourage young people to create their own story too. We want to use these stories to inspire everyone to #MakeYourMove this Valentine’s Day. We are giving the confidence to seize intense (exciting) moments of Closeness.
Closeup’s six-word #MakeYourMove challenge inspires youths to express their bold desires in creative ways yet leaving room for much imagination. To join the movement, simply visit the Closeup website www.closeup.com.ng . Select a background picture or upload your own image and enter your six word story about a bold move to get close this Valentine’s Day. Once completed, you’re encouraged to share on your social media channels (YouTube, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #MakeYourMove. Exciting prizes include but not limited to a romantic island resort getaway for two, customised his and hers iPad Air and iPhone 6
Delivering 12hours of Fresh breath and whiter teeth for a confident smile, Closeup ignites confidence to get close when it matters most. The intense, sensorially-heightened gel allows you to experience freshness for 12hours non-stop. Closeup’s challenge to youths this Valentine’s Day is to “MakeYourMove”