logo_coca_cola_seoThe soft drink giant, Coca-Cola downward trend continues as Apple and Google, two tech brands overtook the former number one brand to first and second respectively.
Apple was voted the top global brand for the third year in a row. The annual Interbrand best global brands report, released this week, shows four of the top five to be tech companies.
Apple came in at the top, followed by Google; this placement is the same as last year and the year before. Microsoft and IBM were placed fourth and fifth. Coca-Cola is the only non-tech brand in the top five, placed at three.
Interbrand determines the top brands based on company performance and estimates the value of the brand. Apple is estimated to have gone up 43% from last year to $170 276 million. Google increased 12% to $120 314 million.
Facebook increased by 54% to $22 029 million. Out of the 100 brands listed, this was the largest increase. The social network is ranked at 23.
Tech companies PayPal and Lenovo are newcomers to the list.
The top 10 global brands, according to Interbrand, are:

General Electric