Have you regulated other rising businesses? Airlines, NB Plc, Netflix, Guinness, and International Breweries have all raised prices. Necessities like medications, transportation, food, petrol, and diesel have soared due to subsidy removal and exchange rate volatility.

So, how can you advocate paying less than cost price for a premium product? DStv isn’t a monopoly with competitors like Startimes (who just secured the non-exclusive broadcast rights for the Spanish topflight league, LaLiga EA Sports and LaLiga Hypermotion, for the next five seasons.) SLTV, who are PIRATES to competing TV operators, but is still being patronised by Nigerians.

Where is the monopoly? Is this not the same way we killed HiTV? Asking them to sell us premium content at too low a price. Where are they now? You are trying to pull down a company that you should be praising for changing the face of entertainment in Nigeria for over 25 years.

There is nowhere in the world where Pay as you Watch exists on pay tv. Check google. What exists is pay per view which is a situation where you pay in addition to your regular subscription, and that cost is often triple your original cost.

Blaming DStv for others’ failures is unfair. Why should DStv remain unchanged when the cost of doing business in Nigeria is skyrocketing?

It’s not a social service. Take responsibility instead of blaming DStv for governance and business issues.