The Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) is planning to launch an Asset Exchange Service in the marketing communication industry. This innovative service will allow its members to lease and use technical equipment from other members to deliver service to clients.

The President of the association, Tunji Adeyinka said while unveiling the 10 year anniversary logo of the association in Lagos last weekend that the service when launched will help members to execute jobs with technical equipment that they do not own, and those who own the equipment to better utilize their assets on the balance sheet.

The President also announced the launch of the EXMAN Bank, an image bank that will allow all members to contribute to building a collection of extraordinary experiential marketing campaigns in the Nigerian market.

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He urged members to upload campaigns that have made an impact, even if the work is not from their agency, to celebrate the entire practice of experiential marketing. The gallery will be made available on mobile via an Augmented Reality mode to show how technology is impacting the industry.

Adeyinka , who highlighted the association’s journey over the past decade expressed his gratitude to the CEOs of EXMAN agencies over their continued support.

The unveiling of the anniversary logo is the first in the chain of activities lined up for the year-long anniversary celebrations.Highlighting the forthcoming events by the association, he said, “as we approach July, we have the Brand Experience Summit, the EXMAN Awards, and our AGM and elections all coming up.”

The President thanked the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria (ARCON) and Director-General, . Olalekan Fadolapo and other stakeholders in the industry for their great support and efforts towards building an industry that delivers value. He also commended EXMAN members for their commitment to the cause of the industry, their collaborative work, and their individual entrepreneurial stories

Owolabi Mustapha, General Secretary EXMAN, while speaking to what inspired the logo as well as the choice of colours, said: “The inspiration behind the logo is borne out of the fact that we create unique experiences for our clients and we decided to change the color we had from inception.