Nnamdi-Ezeigbo-620x330In an effort to redefine online shopping and encourage consumers in the country embrace online transaction; Slot Systems has introduced Slot.ng and Slot App. This according to the company will make online shopping experience easier and more convenient for customers.

Speaking on the new initiative, the Slot’s Managing Director, Nnamdi Ezeigbo, said: “As we are all aware, we now live in an era where business transactions are carried out electronically. In essence, you don’t need to be physically present before you can engage in the business of buying and selling. As a company we are fully aware of this new reality, hence the creation of Slot.ng and the Slot App”.

“With Slot.ng, you can buy all your quality phones and accessories online using the Slot App; it’s like having the 50 Slot shops nationwide at your fingertips. With this new service from Slot, we want to ensure that our valued customers get a whole new shopping experience and also get value for money,” Ezeigbo stated.

The Managing Director said that to get started all one needs is to download the Slot App free Google store, click and it takes you to the online store where one can buy his or her phones, accessories, Laptops and i-pads, from the comfort of their home or office and have it delivered to them within 24hrs of Payment. “It’s stress free and it’s convenient,” added Ezeigbo.

As an indigenous company, Slot doesn’t sell phones, the company also provide standard after sales support that meets global standard in any Western African sub region. The company has consistently been in the front row to announce new phones, functions, features, and upgrades.

Recently, Slot launched a service tagged ‘Slot Trade-In’ in partnership with Matrix Certified Pre-Owned Nigeria Limited, a leading name in pre-owned devices. The essence of this service is to enable customers’ trade-in their old phones for brand new ones. With the ‘Slot Trade-In’ the value of a phone can be used in exchange for another, thereby making the value of customers money work more for them.

According to the company consumers can benefit from this service, by walking into any SLOT store, hand in their old phone, pay the price difference and walk out with a brand new phone.

Another initiative from Slot is the screen insurance project, which enables customers replace their broken screen at no extra cost. This initiative is reportedly backed IGI, one of the nation’s leading Insurance brands. To benefit from the scheme a customer needs to to pay is 5per cent of the cost of phone at the point of purchase and the insurance cover is provided for the phone for one year.