forex rally
Forex Rally, an international forex brokerage company has announced the official launch of its operations in Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from providing an array of free educational resources to empower traders with access to global forex industry expertise through local experience, Forex Rally has also introduced the first ever Nigerian Forex Championship which will be the most lucrative in its offering of attractive prizes and educational to participants.
The competition is designed to encourage local traders to achieve their financial goals. For three months beginning November 2nd to 29th January 2016, traders have the opportunity to win one of the thirty prizes from a fund worth over a hundred thousand dollars. The Champion will be awarded a grand prize of luxurious Toyota Hilux. To be eligible to participate, traders must be over 18 years and be a resident in Nigeria.
According to Forex Rally, participants can register by opening a contest account at and deposit a minimum of $500 dollars or 100,000 Naira. The winner will be the trader with the highest number of points determined by three categories; ROI (Return on Investment), Deposits amount and Turnover. Traders can join the contest at any time and will still have a fair chance to win the grand prize due to the points ranking system.
Declared the Best New Comer Broker in the Region at the Lagos Forex Expo 2015, Forex Rally is already paving the way in Lagos by making forex and its training accessible through analysis, books, seminars, webinars and much more. Coinciding with the launch of the offices in Nigeria was the release of Financial Freedom a book by Razvan Mihai Certified Financial Technician and Forex Rally’s educational partner. Financial Freedom is rich in its analysis of the forex market and personal accounts of how experienced traders can overcome the most common obstacles.
“Nigeria’s capital markets have a meager penetration within the general public and knowledge of trading is low in the country. Therefore, we have a clear mandate to advance financial education to the highest level by inviting accomplished trading experts to Nigeria to share their expertise with local traders”, says Razvan Mihai, Forex Rally Educational Partner in Nigeria.
Forex Rally’s local and international structure allows the company to offer local client specific support. The new office in Nigeria is located at Fanis House, 21 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja State, Lagos.