• Your customers businesses are growing and their fleets are more distributed than ever before


As a business, we welcome opportunity. So when we spotted the chance to expand our portfolio with driver management we took it with you in mind. To be the first print vendor to partner with PrinterLogic in EMEA. To allow you to grow your customer base. And to help you stand out from the crowd, with a complete office offering from a single supplier.


We know that driver management doesn’t always get the attention it needs, especially as it can be a time-consuming headache for your customers. Bigger manual workloads, higher costs, cumbersome infrastructure. They want a solution to free up their resource. So we’re helping you to help them. You can now offer customers exactly what they want and open up a new revenue stream for your business.


“We’ve expanded our comprehensive core offering so you can offer driver management on top of the solutions we already provide. It’s perfect for businesses with in-house IT teams and business owners who don’t want to manage ongoing driver updates,” said Somesh Adukia Regional Sales Office Director, Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA). “You can even offer this as an additional outsourced, managed print service. So it’s incremental business and recurring revenue for you, peace of mind for your customers.”


We want you to be more than just profitable. We want you to be peerless. So we now offer you a straightforward solution from PrinterLogic. Driver management. Made simple. An admin console that acts as a single hub. Your customers can review or check users’ devices and deploy or upgrade printer drivers, all from one simple portal. The console takes it all from there. Automatically managing and updating settings, even in a mixed fleet and device environment. Creating new revenue streams has never been so effortless.


Your customers businesses are growing and their fleets are more distributed than ever before. That’s why PrinterLogic’s self-service portal enables users to access and install printers based on location – they even get a map of printer locations to help them find their way. Don’t worry though, user settings are still applied. Now you can make your customers happier and more productive.


“Your customers want profitability – and we want to help you give it to them,” says Jonah Livingston, Managing Director – EMEA at PrinterLogic. “So we’ve partnered with Canon to offer a fully integrated central repository for drivers and settings. It’s a time saver, a resource saver associated with print servers, and ultimately a business saver.”