Red Night Party by Gulder breaks events record with 1000 lights stage.

Courage, it is said, has no limits. This can best describe what took place in Onitsha on penultimate week when the Nigeria’s largest experiential marketing agency, Oracle Experience, cemented its footprint in the sand of time with one thousand mixed lights at the Gulder Red Night Party.

Oracle Experience achieved the inconceivable in the local industry that is seen by multinational clients as lacking capacity compared to markets such as South Africa, Kenya, Morocco and other western markets.

Research has revealed that the maximum any agency had used in terms of lighting within the Nigerian market is between one hundred to one hundred and fifty mixed lights at a single activation, but the Oracle Experience’s feat in Onitsha, has become a reference point, therefore, setting a new record for the industry.

Relishing this new accomplishment, Oracle Experience’s Project Manager for the Gulder Red Night Party, Paul George Osondu, said the feat could majorly be attributed to the client, Nigerian Breweries Plc, that is willing to go on a creative expedition with the Oracle Experience creative minds and also believes strongly in the agency’s capacity to deliver on such tasking project.

“We are an agency that is willing to try new things; what you call innovation”, he said, adding that “We have several times broken boundaries in this industry and this one thousand lights mark achievement did come as a surprise to us”.

Cross-section of Oracle Experience’s staff celebrating 1000 lightsmark achievement in Onitsha as theypopped Gulder Lager Beer in their office in Ikeja, Lagos, recently

An elated Osondu, who popped Gulder Lager Beer in his Ikeja office along with his colleagues to celebrate the industry’s new standard said, “The industry is no longer measured by creativity but capacity. We have demonstrated capacity in all of our clients’ projects that we have undertaken. Therefore, we cannot be questioned anymore on capacity”.

Reacting to the recent 1000 lights mark achievement in Onitsha, the Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Experience, Dr. Felix King, attributed the achievement to the hardworking and ready-to-learn agency’s workforce as well as Nigerian Breweries that always wants to travel the same road with the agency.

Dr. King went inspirational when he quoted from the holy book, the Bible, Genesis Chapter 1- 5: “And God said, let there be light and there was light. Verse 4 and 5: “And God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were first day”.

“We are always inspired by the creation of the world. It is that inspiration that has driven our creative senses for the past 13 years. The role of light to human greatness cannot be overemphasized and we are very proud of this 1000 lights feat we have accomplished”.

According to the elated CEO of Oracle Experience, “In our desire to meet client’s objective of giving the attendees of Red Night party a memorable experience, while also making the client happy, we had to strategically plug into the thoughts of God during creation when He said “let there be light “.Today, everyone is talking about how good the 1000 lights made them feel. This confirms the biblical saying that “And God saw the light, and it was good”.

The one thousand lights added colour and panache to the Gulder Red Night Party in Onitsha, thus, becoming the first activation to use that number of lights in one location in the annals of brand activation in Nigeria.

The effect of lighting cannot be overemphasized during activation exercise. One of the functions is that stage lighting enables both participants and audience to see what is occurring on stage. A lighting design that obscures spectators’ view is not only a minus to the event, but also a disincentive to the marketing plan of the client

Others effective expectations are revelation of forms that alter the perception of shapes onstage, particularly, three-dimensional stage elements, directing the audience’s attention to an area of the stage or distracting them from another and setting the tone of a scene. Harsh red light has a different effect comparedto soft lavender light, among others.