Chivita Juiceball campaign

Chivita Juiceball campaign
Chivita Juiceball campaign

For individuals’ uninitiated in the art of advertising, a first glimpse at the Chivita 100% juice ball commercial would signify an interpretation of a group of Manchester United players running around in a pitch full of orange juice, but for the industry experts as well as critics, the commercial exemplifies in a simple but elegant manner, the art of creativity.
Filled with bright colours, the juice ball commercial is very captivating as the message of the brand was told in a unique storytelling format. From the pure, simulated orange football pitch symbolising the natural freshness of the products used in production to the energetic display of the Manchester United players epitomising the vitality, goodness, and healthy impact of the product, the fantasy story of the commercial immediately resonates with the intended target audience due to its alluring concept, breath-taking visual, exciting motion movements, and flawless execution.
It is therefore with a sense of ecstasy that the esteemed trade partners of Chi Limited, makers of Nigeria’s leading juice brands, have congratulated the company for such an innovative concept in the advertisement of Chivita 100%.
According to the trade partners- consisting of registered wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, they have witnessed massive increase in sales of the Chivita 100% and other Chi Limited products. With the rise in sales, the trade partners attributed to the successful ideation, execution, and deployment of the juice ball commercial by the company alongside its partnership with the English Premier League team Manchester United. Consumers however have been swayed by the roles played in the ad by some of their favourite players in the club.
chiSpeaking on the Chivita 100% JuiceBall commercial, Mr. Johnson Amedu, who operates Choice Stores in Lagos noted that “the JuiceBall commercial currently running on multiple communication platforms has further endeared many of my customers to the brand. The brand affinity that the JuiceBall campaign has created is immeasurable as my sales figures now shows more consumers bonding with the brand”
For Nkechi Nnaji, a retailer of Chivita 100% in Aba market” the JuiceBall commercial has drawn considerable interest to the product. I now receive more demand for Chivita 100% fruit juice particularly during the weekends as football lovers prefer to refresh with the product during football matches. No doubt, the advert has created the needed publicity to drive this increased demand”
According to Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Probal Bhattacharya, “Being committed to an ideal is a virtue that we understand perfectly well. Consumers deserve the best in fruit juice and Chivita 100% gives the best at all times. We are excited about the feedback from our trade partners and we will ensure absolute commitment to excellence by delivering only the best to our consumers”
The Nigerian consumer market is growing on all fronts, and brands who understand this are thinking outside the box to create strategies to drive a deepened consumer affinity that would guarantee market share, profitability, and brand loyalty.
Produced from the finest collection of local and imported fruits, and squeezed into affordable packs, Chivita 100% fruit juice comes with no added sugar, colour or preservatives and is available in six variants; Real Orange, Real Apple, Real Pineapple, Red Grape, Orange Pineapple & Orange Mango and in 1 litre, 315ml and 250ml pack sizes.