To promote equity and support the career growth of female professionals, Kuda Microfinance Bank has announced a month-long series of activities to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day.

A statement by Kuda said the campaign was geared towards repositioning women for economic growth and success in career and business.

The Chief People Officer, Kuda, Rosie Hewat, said the company was passionate about promoting a healthy work environment where everyone irrespective of gender can aspire, can reach the top of their career and realise their personal goals.

She said, “We have always been intentional about building an organisation where gender equity is an obvious norm. We are excited to report that we have made progress with reflecting this core, particularly within our engineering and product teams. This is a part of our growth process, and we will continue to work towards building the type of workplace we dream of.”

She stated that over the past year, steps taken by Kuda to promote gender equity include fine-tuning its school-to-workplace internship programme aimed to imbue young engineers and product managers with the requisite skills for career progress.

She added, “As a result of these equity-promoting initiatives, Kuda remains a work of reference. Over the past year, we have increased the number of female hires by 133 per cent, grown the number of women on our product team by 87 per cent and increased the number of female members of our Engineering team by 144 per cent. We are also proud to announce that the ratio of female-to-male employees at Kuda is now 1:1.”