The managing director of Noah’s Ark Group, Mr. Lanre Adisa has accused the Federal Government for the long delay in the composition of  Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) council saying that its action was tantamount to lack of respect for the advertising industry. He stated that the government had failed to appreciate the role of the industry due to its ignorance noting that the impact of advertising in business and politics cannot be over emphasised.

President Muhammadu Buhari had dissolved the Udeme Ufot’s led APCON Council alongside with other government parastatals in August 2015 and since then a new council is yet to be constituted.

Adisa, who lamented over the lingering absence of the council, stressed that it was disheartening and unfortunate for a sector like the advertising industry that is responsible for bringing the government into power to be treated in such manner.

Adisa explained that he felt really bad that the Federal Government had failed to take action in constituting the council when other professional bodies whose bodies are equally as important as advertising were already in place. He said it was necessary that government takes the industry more serious by expediting action on the constitution of the board in order to help the industry make far reaching industry necessary for its growth.


He said: “The absence of the APCON Council is due to the ignorant of the government, in the UK, they have a department of communications, you will find the same in other countries and people respect them, if the government as it were can’t realize that, I mean that is a big problem. If other councils can be constituted,why the delay in the composition of the advertising council?. For me, it means that we are not on the radar”

Adisa added “The matter is about how much relevant do you have within the context of the country call Nigeria that somebody can actually ignore the sector that can actually influence peoples’ thinking , the sector that is responsible for bringing them to power because they will come back to this same sector to say go help us talk to the people and that is not important enough to say that deserves an existing and effective council that is what we should be talking about”