Get ready to laugh away your stress with brand new Nollywood comedies coming to Africa Magic Showcase. These films are premiering live on Africa Magic as a part of 14 Africa Magic original movies premiering in March. They have a range of genres, from romantic comedies to a ‘heist’ gone wrong, there’s something for everyone.

First, let’s talk about Holy Trouble which follows ‘Sister Obiageli’, a staunch women’s church group leader, constantly aware of the slippery slope between good and evil. But when financial pressures culminate in her troublesome son’s creditors threatening his life, she is forced to renege on her values and siphon money from the church account. Her decision quickly spirals out of control as Sister Obiageli finds herself committing more and more rapidly escalating sins to cover up the first one! Holy Trouble will show on Saturday, March 25, at Africa Magic Showcase by 1:30 pm, don’t miss it!

Haywire will also air on Saturday at 9:00 pm. The film follows the story of young lovebirds, Funmi and Swell, as they decide to elope because their parents disapprove of their marriage. Funmi’s strict parents essentially lock her up in their mansion ready to ship her out of the country. Swell organizes his friends to fake a robbery as a ruse to ‘rescue’ her, but things go south rapidly when one of his friends arrives at the fake operation with a very real gun! It’s going to be a madness!

Joining these cheeky comedies is The Brideprice, the hilarious story of Eze Ken who is ecstatic to marry off his first daughter to the son of a very wealthy man. He asked for and got a truly exorbitant bride price, big enough to buy a car and move to Lekki. As he continues to enjoy the largesse of his in-laws, mere months into the marriage, his daughter comes back home declaring that the wedding is over and his in-laws are demanding a return of the (already severely depleted) bride price! Will Eze Ken find a solution? Find out on Sunday, March 26, by 8:30 pm only on African Magic Showcase! It will be hilarious.

These movies are part of a series of brand new films Africa Magic is premiering every day in March. First Things First will also premiere on Saturday at 9 pm, while The Crush will air at 8:30 pm on Africa Magic Urban.

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