The Founder and CEO, Moneycounsellors, Mr. Michael Oyebola has said its firm is set to bridge 50 million gap of employed people without Retirement Savings Account (RSA) in the country.

In Nigeria, the total employment rate stood at 60million between 2010 and 2022 with only 9.95 million with RSA holders.

Oyebola disclosed that the firm has introduced a new platform targeted at empowering investors with accurate information on how to make investment choices and decisions on Pension and Mutual Funds, allowing them to invest and save with confidence.

According to Oyebola, the new platform, offers RSA holders and mutual funds investors in Nigeria a one-stop platform, where funds and mutual funds are compared in Nigeria.

He explained that the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help make informed investment choices and decisions.

He said “With a focus on pension funds, mutual funds and annuity products, is changing the way investors access, analyse, and utilise pension and mutual fund information.

“ resets the information and analysis landscape for pension and mutual funds in Nigeria by providing users with unparalleled access to reliable data, in-depth analysis and export insight on all pension and mutual fund products.

“As a free resource, our platform empowers investors of all backgrounds to monitor their investments, stay informed about industry trends, and make sound financial choices,” Oyebola said.

He highlighted some of the features of that include, extensive data and analysis, comparison tools, fund performance educational resources.

On extensive data and analysis, he said: “Our platform offers investors a vast collection of comprehensive data and analysis on mutual fund and pension fund products in Nigeria. These include daily/weekly fund prices giving instant updates as well as historical data that investors can confidently use to evaluate their options and make informed choices and decisions.”

He added that, “Our platform aims to bridge the information gap by empowering investors with the necessary tools, resources, and expertise to make confident investment choices and decisions. With a combination of more than 10million RSA holders and mutual fund accounts and growing, we envision a future where every investor has access to reliable data to choose , monitor, evaluate or transfer to and/poor from a pension or mutual fund with ease.”