Moniepoint, a fintech company has said beyond redefining payments and technology as well as the payment industry, it also ensures that it provides its businesses and partners with several flexible payment options so that they can receive payments from their customers.

Moniepoint started with a virtual account service that automated payment or transfer and allowed customers and businesses to make and receive payment seamlessly through transfers.

But speaking during a lead presentation at the inaugural edition of Payments Forum Nigeria (PAFON 1.0) held recently in Lagos, Chief Compliance Officer at Moniepoint, Ikenna Ndugbu, said for instance, Monnify, its payment platform, offers a wide variety of payment options to businesses. Represented by Isoken Aigbomian, the Regional Sales Manager, Moniepoint, Ndugbu said: “There is the online payment platform, there’s the in-person payment option, and then there is the cash payment via our agent network, which I think Moniepoint has the largest agent network. “We have a wide variety of payment options that we offer to businesses today. Today our online payment options cascade to all sectors, from agriculture to savings to investment.

“We have several businesses that we currently provide online APIs where they can receive car payment transfers, pay for their phone bills; where customers can process transactions seamlessly via different channels.” Ndugbu, further stated that the bank has its disbursement API that allows businesses to carry out bulk transfers to customers in real-time, seamlessly, without any manual verification required.

“These options that we offer businesses stand us out as a force to reckon with in the payment space today. Monnify, our payment gateway, is among the top three payment platforms for businesses today,” he added.

Explaining further what Moniepoint has brought to the payment space, he said, “When in 2019 we were approached by an organisation that we had recorded for a while, they reached out to us and told us in the payment space they were mainly card processors, they were only processing card transactions.

“And in 2019, if everyone is familiar with the payment space, a lot of customers were very jittery about putting their card skills out there. That was truncating the payment experience, reducing the turnaround time for customers to complete their way, take out this blocker, and have the operation.

“So, what we did was we looked inward and popular means of payment in Nigeria transfer. We worked with our engineers and we’re going to build an infrastructure that automates a notification on transfers.”

Ndugbu, said what this meant was that when the customer makes a payment transfer, the business will not need to manually verify the payment before they can give value.