Integrated, mission-critical ecosystem to take centre stage at South Africa’s largest technology summit
Motorola Solutions  demonstrate how its integrated ecosystem of technologies can help first responders in Sub-Saharan Africa to stay focused on the front line while enabling public safety agencies to build greater trust within the communities they serve.

The past two years have underscored the incredible challenges faced by emergency services and military organisations as they grapple with a rapidly changing safety and security landscape, new threats and a growing need to modernise their operations.

Uwe Niske, Motorola Solutions’ head of sales for Sub-Saharan Africa, said that the adoption of advanced technology combined with strong community engagement will help the region to realise its future vision for safety and prosperity.

“Public expectations about the use of technology to provide safety have never been greater, but agencies and government organisations still need to strike the right balance between using technology to keep people safe whilst also protecting their privacy,” Niske said.

“With access to technologies that provide resilient communication and convert data into actionable insights, public safety agencies can enhance responsiveness, improve services and gain more time for public engagement. Ultimately, this helps to build greater trust within the communities they serve.”

Motorola Solutions’ Innovation Showcase for Africa Tech Festival includes:

Mission-critical communications and field intelligence: MXM7000 (, an innovative mission-critical in-vehicle solution that integrates TETRA LMR and 4G LTE voice and data communications in a robust and secure platform to keep public safety and military organisations connected, safe and informed wherever they go. MXP7000 (, an all-in-one, portable device that unifies mission-critical TETRA and 4G LTE voice and data communication. WAVE PTX (, an instant communication service with nationwide coverage that connects different work teams with secure communications, regardless of the type of technology workers carry. PSCore (, a smart public safety mobile application platform that improves productivity, incident awareness and safety for frontline officers. PSCore is also the world’s first public safety application which operates on Apple CarPlay. Video Security & Access Control: VB400 Body-Worn Camera (, provides high-quality video capture from the wearer’s viewpoint, an intuitive recording function and an extended 12-hour battery life. With access to Motorola Solutions’ VideoManager ( evidence management software, the camera can securely upload recorded video footage to the cloud. M500 in-car video system (, the first AI-enabled in-car video system for law enforcement, delivering real time incident awareness for public safety agencies to identify and respond to potential threats. L6Q licence plate reader camera (, A quickly deployable and easy-to-use licence plate reader camera that provides sophisticated licence plate recognition (LPR) data for public safety agencies and businesses. With access to industry-leading analytics, the L6Q can also help to uncover valuable insights including vehicle associations and predictions of future vehicle locations. Africa Tech 2022 Expert Sessions