Through four weeks of the new TV season, the average broadcast network prime-time show is down 6.5% to 4.93 million viewers looking at Nielsen’s measure of live program-plus-seven days of time-shifted viewing.

Both NBC and CBS — the top two viewing networks — have dropped 9.5% to 7.31 million and 6.81 million viewers, respectively.

NBC has the highest-rated TV series “Sunday Night Football” — 19.0 million viewers, down 6% from a year ago through four telecasts. Its top-rated non-sport TV program “Chicago Fire” (9.5 million) and “Chicago Med” (8.7 million).

CBS’ highest-rated series are “Blue Bloods” (at 9.7 million) and “FBI” (at 9.6 million).

ABC is the only major TV network to see a gain from a year ago — up 13% — 5.03 million. ABC has run two “Monday Night Football” games so far — one earning 12.9 million and 10.2 million. It didn’t have any games a year ago.
On the flip side, Fox is down 24% to 3.86 million. It does not have the “Thursday Night Football” package this year. Last year, it had two “TNF” games averaging 14.6 million viewers.

“911” (7.4 million viewers) and “The Masked Singer” (5.4 million) are Fox best non-sport TV shows

The CW is down 2% to 680,882 viewers in the Nielsen L7 measure: “Walker” (1.34 million) and “Winchesters” (1.29 million) are its best rate shows.