Ernest Omo-Ojo, a Nigerian born Canadian immigrant made history by winning the Herzing College Cup, an award for overall best student of the respected institution which specializes in high-demand skills. 

According to the President of the Herzing College, Ottawa, Kevin Crupi, Ernest is the first winner in the 30 years of the award to emerge from the campus. Herzing college is over 55 years old with some 7 campuses in Canada and in the United States. The Herzing Cup is a competition for students across all campuses and it’s on its 30th edition. 

In its 30 years existence, no student from Ottawa campus has ever won the award, a feat that was finally broken in its 2022 edition by Ernest. 

The Herzing cup involves submissions from various campuses nominating their best students each year to a panel of nearly 50 judges. 

After a career in ExxonMobil in his birth country Nigeria which ended with Ernest having to opt for voluntarily retirement, Ernest decided to relocate with his family to Canada, and re-skill at Herzing after authoring 2 books (The Potent Force of Sponsorship and his latest – The Audacious Faith) on self-improvement based on his experiences while at Exxon. 

This is an amazing story for tenacity and self-development.