Over sixty years after oil was first discovered in Nigeria and over forty-two years after the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was established, the conglomerate has taken another giant step through one of its subsidiaries, NNPC Retail Limited,  to join the global Lubricants market with the introduction of its lubricants into the Nigerian market.

The NNPC Lubricants range, which was unveiled at the Abuja International Conference Centre at the weekend include: Nitro Diamond, Nitro Gold, Nitro Super 40 and Nitro 2T engine oils. These range of lubricants are offered for various types of petrol engines while Rhino X and Rhino HD engine oils are specially formulated for diesel engines.

Speaking during the unveiling, the managing director of NNPC Retail Limited, Sir Billy Okoye said, “The NNPC Lubricants are formulated using carefully selected world-class base oils and performance additives to give all-year-round excellent performance in normal and arduous engine working conditions.”

– L-R: Sir Billy Okoye, Managing Director, Mr. Lawal Bello, Executive Director, Operations and Mrs. Affiong Akpasubi, Executive Director Supply Services all of NNPC Retail Limited at the launch of NNPC Lubricants in Abuja at the weekend.

.He said, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to its family of petroleum products, “NNPC Lubricants,” which have been released into the global market of Lubricants. “

Sir Okoye, who spoke on the impact the lubricants introduction will play in the society said, “The entry of NNPC into the lubricants market ensures that the Corporation continues to “touch lives in many positive ways.” This also creates new areas of employment opportunities for Nigerians who may wish to become distributors, dealers and retailers: while strengthening the indigenous lubricants industry.”

NNPC Retail with a history of reliable, available and accessible petroleum products guarantees customers ‘satisfaction on her range of lubricants which are available in all NNPC Retail Service Stations and other accredited outlets nationwide for your household, vehicular and industrial use.

L-R, Mrs. Affiong Akpasubi, Executive Director, Support Services, Sir Billy Okoye, Managing Director and Mrs. Elizabeth Alioluda, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, all of NNPC Retail Limited during the launch of NNPC Lubricants in Abuja at the weekend.

NNPC, renowned for its TAPE Agenda- transparency, accountability, and performance excellence,  is fully geared through its Subsidiary -NNPC Retail to provide ‘CARE’ (Convenience, Affordable, Reliable and Excellent Quality) and promises to maintain the best standards in all its product range to the satisfaction of all customers and stakeholders.

Mr. Haruna Abdurrahman, Manager Lubricants NNPC Retail NNPC said, the company brings to bear its wealth of experience in birthing the Nitro and Rhino ranges, hence the connection with the slogan, “Na My Papa Born Me” truly Nigerian, truly National, truly World Class.

– R-L: Mr. Haruna Abdurrahman, Manager Lubricants, Mrs. Elizabeth Aliyuda, General Manager Sales and Marketing; Sir Billy Okoye Managing Director; Mrs. Affiong Akpasubi Executive Director, Support Services, Engr. Lawal Bello, Executive Director Operations, all of NNPC Retail Limited during the unveiling of the NNPC Lubricants at Abuja International Conference Centre, Abuja at the weekend.

NNPC Retail Ltd, owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), was incorporated in 2002, to take the Corporation into the retail petroleum product marketing thereby joining world-class Energy Companies in rendering of energy products for everyday use.