Dr. Olaniyan
Dr. Olaniyan

Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan, who is the current Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) as well as Chief Executive Officer of Advantage, has said that he is stepping aside from his post as the first Vice President of National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN).
Olaniyan who announced his intention to step aside also said he would not be seeking a re-election at the institute’s forthcoming annual general; meeting in Enugu.
Sources claim that Olaniyan’s decision not to seek re-election in Enugu is not unconnected with his new role at the experiential marketing industry as the president, while others blame his refusal on the high level politics that exist in the Institute. But Olaniyan insisted his decision is personal.
The experienced marketing practitioner who wrote a letter informing his colleagues at the Institute said “I write to inform you that after much thought and reflection, I have decided to step aside as 1st Vice President of NIMN and not to seek re-election at the institute’s forth coming AGM in Enugu.”
His decision to step down at this time according to him is driven by personal reasons, as well as the need to re-assess and re-align with strategic and tactical considerations required to move the institute forward now and into the future.
“Our institute requires radical changes if we are to survive and thrive as a modern professional body, and those changes must come from men and women of goodwill who not only wish to lead, but are also willing to allow those changes manifest,” he said.
nimn logoWhile stressing on the achievements of the past 2 years, Olaniyan stated “My experience over the past two years has strengthened my belief and resolve that the foundation of anyone’s ambition to provide leadership for this institute must be built on wholesome values and not merely ‘Machiavellian politics’. Such an agenda requires sincerity, probity and focus at the appropriate levels. Let us not forget that history teaches us that he who is afraid to leave something will never truly gain it, even if he is ascribed the title,” the 1st NIMN VP quipped.
Despite the fact that he would not be standing at the election, Olaniytan promised his continued contribution to grow the marketing industry and the institute.
“I certainly look forward to my continued contributions to the advancement of our profession and movement as a member of the body. But history also teaches us that life is but a stage and our role as actors is never done, and so perhaps a time will come again when the voice of God might call,” Olaniyan stressed.