Dr. Phil Osagie

In self destructive relationships, one plus one equals something less than two.  When the two parties interact, they consume more resources than they produce and the result of their relationship is a net loss. Daryl Conner writes that ,often people in self destructive relationship spend most of their time miscommunicating, blaming , being defensive and complaining about why they cannot make a headway in the task. Each party drags down the productivity of the other.

Self destructive relationships consume so much energy trying to recover from self serving behavior that there is little energy left for the joint creative problem-solving efforts that would increase productivity.

One plus one in this case is far lesser than 2.


On the other hand, in a Synergistic relationship, individuals work together to produce a total effort that is greater than the sum of their separate efforts.

Synergistic relationships enjoy the cushion of surplus assimilation resources which enable people increase their resilience and weather major changes.

In this zone, one plus one is greater than two.


Dr. Phil Osagie: Marketing communications specialist at HSBC, former president PRCAN