When Interswitch launched Quickteller, its online payments platform for consumers and businesses some years ago, most consumers and in fact, stakeholders, considered the venture were reluctant to accept it was a venture that would work.  

Today, the premium online payments solution platform that commenced business with three offerings- bills payment, funds transfer and airtime purchases, has not only been effective in dispensing these payment solutions, but also added new services that could endear consumers to the platform.

To further emphasise its dominance with the online payment solutions segment of the financial technology market, Quickteller unveiled new campaign tagged “everything is possible”.

The campaign, according to the company, demonstrates the ever-present nature of the Quickteller platform and the role it has come to play in the everyday lives of the people.

The commercials, which had just been released, are in two versions: ‘The Big Idea’ and ‘Possibility’. Both versions are in furtherance of the previous Quickteller campaign-“One less thing to worry about”– and reiterated the ease and universality of the Quickteller payment solutions platform.

Like previous Quickteller and Verve ads, the commercials deploy humour and creativity to subtly drive in the point that on Quickteller, a user can pay for almost anything they can imagine.

The both creatives developed by DDB Lagos, are a body of great creative thinking and drives home the overarching message that everything is possible on the platform.

The Campaign:

Group Head, Quickteller Marketing, Olawale Akanbi,highlighted the importance of transacting on a platform that provides a vast number of services in the digital payment space.

He said: “It is amazing to know that you can pay for almost anything on Quickteller. At Quickteller, we are committed to making all payments possible on our platform.  This is why we are continuously expanding the services available on Quickteller. From just a platform where you could transfer money, customers can now perform more transactions that speak to their lifestyle, businesses, passion and even their careers”.

According to Akanbi, “This campaign illustrates the compelling point that Quickteller makes almost anything possible. Both versions of the campaign are a natural flow from the previous campaign and consistent with our messaging that payments are easier and most convenient on the Quickteller platform. It is simply a visual metaphor for everyday payments made easy by Quickteller”.

The commercials feature well-known celebrities like Bovi (a leading Comedian), Ini Dima Okojie (Nollywood actress) and Eric Omondi (a Comedian based in Kenya, who is one of the best comedians in Africa).

The Big Idea

The concept for this commercial is to observe a humorous meeting at which a group of popular comedians or social media enact a sort of ‘pitch discussion’ where they present a series of ‘big’ ideas to show people how it’s possible to do absolutely everything using Quickteller.  The notion is that they are trying to outdo each other through the scale of their imaginations.

According to the Creative Brand Lead, DDB Lagos, OlawandeOyewole, the big idea is a catalog of some of these services that are not readily visibly to consumers on Quickteller platform.

You will recall that prior to this time, Quickteller was basically known for three things; bills payment, funds transfer and airtime purchases.

Oyewole said, the brand has answered the call of many consumers by introducing a plethora of services through this ‘big idea’ commercial.

“Because life dynamic and in its dynamism the brand has been able to go beyond those three limitations, which is now adding more services to the platform because we are evolving everyday and definitely, as a brand, you should be able to bring something new to the table for consumers so as to remain relevant and competitive in the market,” the Brand Creative Lead emphasised.


The idea behind this commercial is to show one, single, unbroken shot of a man doing a fairly impressive trick; that slowly pulls back to reveal – as the frame gets wider and wider – that the man is actually performing, what appears to be, a near-impossible stunt. This, of course, illustrates the compelling point that Quickteller makes almost anything possible.

This TVC is a natural flow from the last ‘Contortionist’ commercial, where a skilled Contortionist was able to demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to use Quickteller.

It is a visual metaphor for everyday payments made easy by Quickteller. These new TVC is  really quirky, and we believe that it creates a truly fresh and funny spot that, while highly entertaining, is actually saying a lot about the practical benefits of Quickteller, Oyewole said.

From Convenient to Possibility

Overtime, Quickteller has benchmarked its communication thrust on convenience and that has pretty worked for the brand. Consumers have found the platform expedient, easy and convenient to carry out online transactions.

Now, having entrenched the brand in the spectrum of expediency, Quickteller has moved to consolidate itself in the area of possibilities, where consumers are able to do whatever transactions they desire on its platform.

Some of the services currently available on the platform include: payment of toll fees, state government payments, purchase of airtime, flight tickets, funds transfer, payment of cable TV bills, quick loans, event tickets, online shopping from over 100 global stores, JAMB ePins and every other thing you can think of.

Aids, Grants and donations

Mr Felix Etim, founder, Africa for Girl Child said, “It is exciting to know we now have such solution on the Quickteller platform. It is actually long overdue. This will help deepen charity work in Nigeria”

At the last count, over 36 non-governmental organisations are listed on the platform. Some of the NGOs and non-for-profit-organisations are; Orphans, Widows and Disabled Persons, 234Give, Act Now, Slum2School, Dr. Amayo Stella Adadevoh Health Test, Donate to E.A.A., Disability Empowerment Solution Initiative, Buhari Support Organisation and Centre for Defence of Widows Right in Nigeria (CEDWIN) amongst others.

Quickteller Loan

Consumers can now access loans on Quickteller. The service can be accessed from the comfort of your room. According to the investigations, over hundred consumers have accessed the loan facility.

Provisions have been made for event ticketing, associations and group payments, flight ticket and tollgate payments, for consumers who wish to access premium event tickets, pay association levies, pay for toll and get flight ticket to any destination of their choice.

No hidden charges

Since its inception, Quickteller has always charged N100 per transaction irrespective of the amount, no hidden fees whatsoever. This is good news to Nigerians that have been dealt numerous blows by commercial banks as regards charges springing up from nowhere.

They are an app of apps

Many of us use more than one bank, and chances are that we have more than one app on our phones. This is where Quickteller comes in; it unifies all bank apps making it possible to have all your transactions on the go.

With Quickteller you won’t have to remember different passwords for your different bank app, you will only have to remember one password.

One advantage Quickteller has is its security. It uses the highest level of security to protect your transactions and information from hackers. As long as the connection is secured, then the user is safe, because the website and app are encrypted.