Global advertising body, the International Advertising Association, IAA has announced the emergence of Sasan Saeidi, Chief Executive Officer, Wunderman Thompson New York & Global as President and Chairman for the next two years.

The advertising body while congratulating the former President, Joel Nettey for a successful tenure, commended him for the great strides recorded despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

It said: “A huge THANK YOU to Joel Nettey for leading IAA for the last 2 years and turning the COVID crisis into a brave, new opportunity for IAA”.

Joel Nettey who served the global body in the last two years expressed satisfaction for passing the baton to a worthy individual who has proven his mettle through knowledge and service.

“It’s been the honour of my life. As I pause to reflect on the last two years I am humbled by the opportunity as the first African to lead this global association as well as what we were able to achieve in spite of the challenges the pandemic threw at us. I’m grateful for a super leadership team I spent almost every week with, albeit virtually for the most part.

“In handing, over to Sasan – a smart, goal-oriented leader who has not only been an able “right hand” over the last two years … but has become more of a brother than a friend or colleague, I’m crystal clear in my mind that the IAA is in a good place and this new team will continue to build on what other volunteers have built over 84years”.

Commenting on the new mandate, Sasan Saeidi stated “I have big shoes to fill. You are the best. Thank you for all that you did and for this gracious handover. Nothing like it. God bless you and our entire family”.

Sasan leads the Global Coca-Cola relationship and business for Wunderman Thompson Global. Sasan and his worldwide team manage the business of the Atlanta-based client worldwide working hand in hand with the WPP Open X team.

Prior to this assignment, Sasan successfully led the Global Nestlé relationship for Wunderman Thompson for 3 years; working with Nestle SBUs and Markets across the Globe on brand building and marketing communication for some of the most iconic brands in the world.

The International Advertising Association is the world’s only globally-focused ‘tripartite’ advertising trade association with membership representing advertisers, agencies, and the media. It was established in 1938 as a not-for-profit organization. The body is composed of corporate members, organizational members, education affiliates, as well as Chapters with individual members and young professionals from over 40 countries.