E-commerce builder, StartWeb partnered with a technology training solution firm, Haptics Academy and Google to ensure free training for young African entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The goal was to train over 1,000 business owners, expand their operations and upgrade their skills in a rapidly evolving world. The partnership is expected to impact over 5,000 Africans by the end of March 2022.

Co-founder of StartWeb, Mr. Kelvin Orifa explained that with Small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, providing an estimated 80 per cent of jobs across the continent, the partnership empowered young Africans with employable skills by providing a world-class mentorship programme that will equip the next generation of budding entrepreneurs with new skills.

He said: “The modules revolve around Google Workspace tools, Google My Business, and teaching the participants to build their websites, e-commerce online store, and the tools required to manage multiple resources.

“The training program which ended recently was streamed on YouTube only required participants to have access to an internet connection as registration was free.

Participants also received a Basic Digital Skills Certificate, sponsored by Google and StartWeb, upon completion.”

Orifa explains: “Since its inception, our mission is to simplify some of the most seemingly complex processes that have stifled the growth of small African businesses and to improve the access to the tools that can help with this.

“We’re excited about this partnership and the thousands of businesses we will be able to improve by the end of this month. This training will allow young African entrepreneurs to compete more favourably within the global market.”

Also, Project Manager of Haptics Academy, Ngozi Nwaokolo, added: “We are glad to find the right avenue to assist African business owners as part of the Grow With Google initiative. It is in line with our mission to inspire a new generation of sustainable, global African businesses and create a community of world-class African technology professionals.”