The Felix Foundation, in 2015 positioned itself as a catalyst for the development and prosperity of women in Africa. This was achieved through 2 major initiatives – The Market Moni and Women in Farming (WIFARM) programs with over 4,000 women benefiting till date and still counting. In 2019 , the Felix King Foundation launched THE STARTUPS AFRICA , a hub for female entrepreneurs in tech start-up and innovative small businesses , in strategic partnership with TIUA School of business , Georgia , USA.

The Startup Africa is a full day business conference with the aim of bringing together female entrepreneurs, business experts, investors, government leaders and media to support and encourage female led businesses. One of the objectives of this programme is to facilitate the growth and success story of women led businesses by providing them with pitching and networking opportunities.

According to Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, Chairman Felix King Foundation; “In today’s world, gender equality is an economic imperative in supporting women’s empowerment and leadership opportunities which will drive growth for our communities, our people and society.”

Participants will acquire new knowledge on actionable strategies to build and grow world class businesses. The event will feature a keynote address, master classes by TIUA school of business – Georgia, USA, expert discussions and a business pitching competition before judges with lucky pitches getting up to $10,000 in seed funding investment , exposure opportunities to investors and TIUA school of business, Atlanta Georgia , USA.

The Startup Africa conference is designed to unite female entrepreneurs in all stages of business development with topics from branding and marketing to networking and business strategy to organizational structure and access to market.

Felix King Foundation has set a target to impact 36,000 women over a period of 10 years. This is an ongoing initiative to foster economic growth by providing female entrepreneurs across Africa business education and access to capital.

The foundation has analysed the essential role women play in the labour force in driving economic growth around Africa. The Startup Africa program is piloting in Nigeria with plans to expand to other African countries.

In his words, Dr King said that “The startups Africa hub primary aim is to stimulate the female-preneurship economic space, and support inclusive and sustainable economic growth for women entrepreneurs in Africa by helping them gain access to seed funding , training and mentorship.

Our secondary benefit, is forging innovation partnership and certification of female entrepreneurs for a longer term benefit, driving increased productivity and sustainability  through the collaboration with TIUC School of business.

The Startups Africa 2020 will bring together 10 of the continent’s most ambitious tech start-up and innovative small business entrepreneurs in a pitching competition before  judges for a seed funding of up to $10,000, in addition to exposure to angel investors and world venture capitalist. The hub will also host 500 female founding/ funded or female lead business owners or enthusiast to an entrepreneurs conference that will feature some of the most inspirational and motivational guest speakers  and a master class sessions with the representatives of TIUC school of business.

The most impressive and promising idea owner will have the possible opportunity to be given world-class mentoring and training , courtesy of TIUC school of business , Georgia, USA, to help their business gender gap”.

To learn more about the program, register to attend or submit your pitch, visit . The business pitch competition is open to only female led businesses while the conference is open to all.

The StartupsAfrica 2020  aims to support gender inclusive economic growth with a specific focus on empowering women with the skills and connections to overcome the existing entrepreneurial gap.

The startups Africa 2020 , is  the maiden edition of what will be the most sort after hub for female entrepreneurs in Africa and the program is heavily supported by Oracle Experience, and themed “unleashing the power of female entrepreneurs”.