In the competitive landscape of consumer goods, where brands vie for attention, GBfoods has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing three prestigious awards for our standout brands: Gino Tomatoes, Bama Mayonnaise, and Jumbo Tomatoes.
Bama Mayonnaise, a trusted name synonymous with top-quality mayonnaise in Nigeria, has once again earned the esteemed title of the Most Outstanding Mayonnaise Brand of the Year. With its premium, creamy texture and rich taste, Bama Mayonnaise not only maintains its legacy but also stands out as a symbol of family gatherings and shared meals. For generations, it has been an integral part of everyday cooking, adding a touch of magic to sandwiches, salads, shawarmas, and various culinary creations.
Jumbo Tomatoes, celebrated for its exceptional richness in taste, flavor, and thickness, has also received recognition as the Most Outstanding Tomato Paste Launch of the Year. This award acknowledges the successful introduction of a new tomato paste product into the market, considering factors such as product innovation, market impact, consumer reception, marketing strategy, and contributions to the tomato paste industry.
Completing this triumphant trio is Gino Tomatoes, honored as the Most Outstanding Tomato Paste Brand in Consumer Engagement. This recognition encompasses various facets of consumer interaction, including marketing activities, customer feedback, satisfaction, and community involvement related to tomato paste.
These accolades were bestowed at the 2023 BrandCom Awards, organized by Brand Communicator, Africa’s foremost brands, and marketing publication. The ceremony took place at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Saturday, November 4, 2023.