Julien Fourit

After the launch of some of its products in Nigeria, Julien Fourit, Director Sales, Africa, Alcatel OneTouch fielded some questions from newsmen, 789marketing was there. Excerpts.


Julien Fourit
Julien Fourit

Delay to Nigeria market
As the smartphone and tablet markets have grown, especially here in Nigeria we wanted to ensure that the AOT mobile devices launched to the Nigerian market would be affordable yet attractive and feature-rich in order to meet the needs of our customers. We recognise that every mobile user needs and deserves a device that offers good performance, beautiful aesthetics and rich functionality. As such, we’ll strive to offer choice, variety and flexibility to consumers irrespective of their budget.
We also wanted to ensure that we had the correct infrastructure in place in order to get these devices into the hands of our customers. We believe that we now have the correct mix to grow the brand and make an impact in the Nigerian market.

On Alcatel OneTouch
AOT is a mass market brand, accessible to all and with this mass market strategy our target is to bring attractive, feature-rich and affordable products in a fast fashion manner.
We bring innovation to the mass market consumers
Alcatel OneTouch provides the ultimate tools for those who produce the life they imagine. Alcatel OneTouch enables people to create, share and invent without limits irrespective of their culture or ingenuity. It lets loose a universe of creative possibilities by bringing on-trend technology within the reach of everyone.

Where in Nigeria is the AOT office based?
Currently we have a virtual office headed up by Nick Imudia as Regional Director. Nick has the support of a local team on the ground, as well as the full support of the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Africa team

Where was Nick Imudia employed before joining AOT?
Nick brings a wealth of experience from a Nigerian market and mobile industry perspective. His experience in managing sales, marketing, consumer care, logistics, retail execution and developer engagement for a large mobile brand means he is bringing a wide range of knowledge and insight. It is Nick’s strong relationships and knowledge of the market that we believe will play a major role in makeing ALCATEL ONETOUCH a success in Nigeria

What is the AOT strategy for Nigeria?
The short term immediate priority is to give Nigerian consumers, partners, operators and their consumers’ easy access to our vast range of affordable products. In the mid to long term, we believe we can grow ALCATEL ONETOUCH into a major player in the Nigerian market. We have the brand, the products and the distribution capabilities to grow aggressively in the years to come.

Who is your target audience?
AOT is a mass market brand, accessible to all and with this mass market strategy our target is to bring attractive, feature-rich and affordable products in a fast fashion manner.
We bring innovation to the mass market consumers

alcatel idolheroToday AOT announced a partnership with TD Mobile as the distributor for Nigeria. What does this mean to the business?
TD Mobile, an arm of Technology Distributions Ltd, is the foremost distributor of smart mobile devices with a wide distribution network in major Nigerian cities.
We will work closely to effectively bring the product portfolio to the Nigerian market.

Is this an exclusive partnership?
AOT works with a variety of distribution partners, carriers and networks globally, however the partnership with TD Mobile in Nigeria is an exclusive partnership for AOT until the end of 2015.

What devices will you be launching from the AOT product portfolio
We are currently launching the AOT 10.50D feature phone, Pixi 3 4” smartphone, Pixi 7” tablet and will be rolling out additional products in the coming weeks and months.

Will the Idol 3 and smartwatch ranges be available in Nigeria?
AOT gives the distributors, operators and networks the choice to range our full range of products.

What kind of marketing commitments have been made by AOT?
Kath Smith Senior Area Marketing Manager for Africa at AOT has ensured that all key fundamental elements are in place when launching new products into the market place. This includes a focus on training of staff, a solid in-store presence with live/dummy devices, point of sale, promoters and the appointment of a field marketing team.
This will ensure a good customer experience at store level.
Furthermore AOT have introduced an online purchasing arm which has already seen the launch of the pre-order campaign on Konga.com. This ties in with the strategy that sees a large focus on online purchasing and a strong digital approach.
Once this solid foundation has been built AOT will embark on an ATL campaign to build awareness with the consumer