The Nigeria’s largest experiential marketing agency, Oracle Experience has revealed the reason behind the deployment of one thousand (1000) mixed lights at Red Night Party by Gulder in Onitsha.

Reacting to the new industry record, the Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Experience Dr. Felix King said, the foundation of the agency has always been about breaking boundaries, while pushing for new frontiers.

“In Oracle, we pursue our quest in creating and recreating a path for the experience industry. We are driven by the standard we try to set each time we have the opportunity to create an experience for our event attendees.”

Speaking further on the agency’s philosophy, Dr King posited that “we did realise the importance of touching their hearts and senses. Our motivation lies in each time we do an extraordinary event and the client ask “what next after this?” Being the best and the largest experiential marketing agency, the only option open to us is to create our world of extra ordinariness, and activating a thousand light is one of the ways for us to do that. And this, we believe, has set us miles apart from competition,” he reassured.

“The red night party was an opportunity for us to show our capacity in the area of equipments. Today, as you can see, we pride ourselves as having the most sophisticated lighting toys and gears in the country sourced from Europe. When you have this type of equipment, you are always happy to show it, while also showing your skills in making work and functional,” he said.

The effect of lighting cannot be overemphasized during activation exercise. One of the functions is that stage lighting enables both participants and audience to see what is occurring on stage. A lighting design that obscures spectators’ view is not only a minus to the event, but also a disincentive to the marketing plan of the client