Previously scheduled to take place on October 30th, 2020, the Africa Banking Brands Awards 2020, has been rescheduled to hold on November 19th, 2020 at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos.

The event was postponed due to the #ENDSARS protests that greeted the entire country and snowballed into hoodlums hijacking the peaceful protest to wreck havoc on both public and private property.

 Speaking to the media, Desmond Esorougwe, Editor-In-Chief, The Africa Brands Magazine and Founder, Africa Banking Brands Award, said that “The African Banking Brands Awards 2020 is a celebration of leadership, innovation and growth of Banking Brands in Africa.”

“The Award will honour banking and finance brands, payment solutions providers, their CEO’s, products and services and others personalities that have made significance contribution to the growth of the industry over the years.”

Esorougwe, a consummate brand expert further stated that the winners would have made outstanding contribution to the development of banking and financial services brand of the continent, the economic aspiration of its citizenry and the transformation of Africa’s image in the International market while displaying high standard of good citizenship, social and environmental responsibilities. The Award brings together prominent Banking and Finance Personalities, Government Official, Regulators and other Stakeholders.

He said, “The Africa Banking Brands 2020 research represents the most comprehensive banking brands study in Africa.   It is a consumer-led survey establishes Best Banking Brands preferences across the continent. The study is independently concluded by The Africa Brands Magazine, Geopoll, the leader in providing fast, high Quality research from emerging market with strategic analysis and insight and Fast Track Brand Communications & strategy-Africa premier Branding Advisory Firm.”

In the 2019-2020 periods the survey was conducted in 23 countries which cover all African economic regions and collectively represent at least 75% of the population and the GDP of Africa. These countries Best Banking Brands are often the most dominants Banking Brands across Africa or within their regions.                                                                                       Since 2019, the Best Banking Brands has been using geo-poll multimodal survey platform to collect data via SMS rather than face-to-face method.

Mobile interviewing has proven to be most effective way to reach Africa consumers because of the high penetration of mobile telephony as a primary mode of communication and increasingly for consumer transition in Africa.