A well known retail/storage store in Abuja, Apple & Pears Limited has been sealed for allegedly by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, (FCCPC) for selling expired and sub-standard Laziz vegetable oil to unsuspected consumers, 789marketing can authoritatively report.

 On August 11, 2020, FCCPC became aware of representations appearing to show that a consumer, (and presumably others) purchased Laziz vegetable oil in sachets produced by Apple & Pears Ltd from their retail/storage location in Abuja.

The representation suggested that the food products purchased were expired, even at the time of purchase.

According to the chief executive officer of FCCPC, Babatunde Irukera, “Upon further investigation and reconnaissance, FCCPC discovered the company’s primary facility on the Lagos-Ibadan Express Way.  Although locked, innocuous and without signage, the commission also identified the specific location in Abuja where the company had stored its products.”

In a press release signed by the chief executive officer, he said, having sufficient initial evidence to proceed on enforcement, the Commission conducted investigations at both the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, and Abuja locations.

“The Commission discovered unreasonably large and inexplicable inventories of Laziz salad cream, Laziz mayonnaise, Laziz vegetable oil in sachets, and Laziz Thousand Island salad cream.  In addition, the Commission uncovered what appears to be unapproved and unsafe production, decanting, or repackaging of vegetable oil at the Abuja location,” Irukera stated.

According to the Commission, the location in Abuja is currently under seal by the Commission, and will remain so until the Commission and NAFDAC have confiscated the expired or unwholesome products, and are otherwise satisfied that Apples and Pears can, and will operate safely and legally.

 The Commission has commended the patriotism of those who bring these pieces of information to the Commission’s attention and encourages consumers to exercise their prerogatives and discretion to notify the Commission of conduct that is considered unsafe, illegal, or unsatisfactory.

Irukera urged consumers to take courage to report unwholesome products in the market. He said, “If you see something, say something. Our public access channels are at the bottom of this Release.”

Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA): Pursuant to Sections 17(g), (m), (s), (t), (x); 123(1)(c); 131 of the