As we approach the festive season, remember that treating yourself to a fruit juice can provide rewards that go well beyond the glass because of its nutritional and health benefits.

There are many benefits to drinking fruit juices. For one it is a great source of vitamins and minerals, so therefore when making a choice of fruit juice to complement your daily nutritional needs, you must settle for nothing but the best.
One brand that ticks all the boxes for the highest quality in fruit juice is Chivita. Firstly, its production process requires sourcing of natural ingredients to ensure the natural goodness of fruits remains intact. Secondly, an aseptic packaging devoid of human intervention helps protect its natural nutrients and quality without the use of any preservative, the goal is to ensure a premium quality that is second to none.

According to CHI Limited’s Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, we will continue to ensure that Chivita continues to be the reference point for premium quality fruit juice in Nigeria and the best there is on the shelf.

“In line with best practices, we would sustain the confidence consumers have invested in Chivita as the preferred fruit juice brand for health, nutrition and refreshment, by ensuring the highest standards of product quality, and consumer benefits” she added.