Comercio Partners, a leading investment banking firm in Nigeria is poised to leverage the new business environment in the country, occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic to bring the best investors’ experience through its depth of resources.

It has been observed that Nigerians have a lax propensity to saving. However, this is not necessarily true. What mostly is lacked is the ability to make the right investment decisions. Many Nigerians are either not aware of the financial asset products available to them or lack the knowledge to build a diversified investment portfolio for the rainy day.

Speaking to bringing new experience to investors in the new normal business environment, the Head Financial Advisory/Co-Managing Partner of Comercio Partners Limited, Steve Osho said, “We see a great future in Africa, occurrences such as the pandemic is a reminder of this assertion.”

“We like the dream of the future better than the history of the past, our words, messages, actions, services, businesses further confirm our belief in Africa’s business ecosystem,” Osho stated.

Osho said, “By leveraging on our wealth of experience, skills and knowledge of the market, we will continually explore opportunities to create significant value for our clients, Adding that “as portfolio managers, we design investment strategies based on our clients’ investment objectives, risk appetite and time horizon.”

According to the Head of Trading /Co-Managing Partner, Nnamdi Nwizu the World as we know it has changed over the last 6 months. Comercio Partners is ready to partner with you and lead you to the new tomorrow.

The dream of Comercio Partners has always been to be a unique investment bank in Africa committed to financial products trading and value creation hence its task to build an investment ecosystem of choice with the strategic intent of empowering minds in Africa while creating and delivering professional, and superior value across all asset classes to all our stakeholders.

Added to that is the Head of Investments/Co-Managing Partner, Tosin Osunkoya, who said, “Leveraging our depth of resources to provide stability to your growing wealth and the right partnership to the financing demands to support your strategic business growth we remain your anchor to the future.”

To bridge the knowledge gap of where to invest for returns, fear, distrust and access to capital – which has restricted many firms from gaining advantage and increasing their revenue – the services of an investment firm such as Comercio Partners Limited that focuses on trading fixed income securities, derivatives, alternative assets and equities, and provides financial advisory and asset management services are needed.