• Conference holds on August 13

Due to the changing dynamics caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic across the world in particularly in Nigeria, the Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria, EXMAN, has lined up renowned marketing professionals to unravel the future of customers experience marketing at its 2020 annual general meeting and conference in Lagos.

The conference, which would be held virtually, is scheduled for August 13, 2010 in Lagos.

Scheduled to speak at the EXM2020 are Matt Davies, brand & strategy consultant, UK Top 50 advisor, writer, speaker, and Storyategy author. Others are Ose Osundeko, group head digital marketing, Fidelity Bank Plc, and Alex Goma, chief executive officer, Grand Cereal Industries.

Line up as lead discussants are seasoned communicators and marketers in the chief executive officer of Towncrier, Kayode Olagesin, managing director of EXP Nigeria limited, Rosemary Agbo, president of media independent practitioners association of Nigeria, MIPAN/group chief executive officer of BrainBox, Femi Adelusi and chief operating officer of Divergent MS, Sola Antwi.

Others are chief executive officer of Dijo communications, Innocent Oboh, and the immediate past president of EXMAN/chief executive officer of Ideas House, Kehinde Salami. The chairman of the conference and moderator is the publisher, ExperientiallNG and faculty member, Nottingham Business School, UK, Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan.

The conference tagged ‘a free online conference for marketing professionals,’ with the theme #EXM2020: The Future of Customer Experience Marketing: defying gravity,is designed to fit the current reality.

According to Tade Adekunle, the association president/conference convenor/chief host, the world has changed. The COVID19 public health crisis and its fall out have unleashed unprecedented disruptions to the way business marketing and consumer interaction must now be managed.

“It would seem that the odds are stacked heavily against experiential marketing and live consumer engagement practitioners globally. The entire marketing industry in Nigeria is particularly hard hit by these new realities and now stands challenged to re-invent itself,” he stated.

The Project Consultant at Keskese Limited said, “To overcome this new reality both brand owners, agencies and value chain partners alike must defy gravity and re-configure their service value proposition away from synchronous interaction platforms towards more asynchronous processes.”

He said, “This conference brings together keynote speakers and leading industry thinkers to find a way through. This conference will benefit anybody interested in marketing within Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.”

The EXMA) is the sectoral trade body for forward-looking experiential marketing communications agencies in Nigeria. As well as serving as a co-operative of the best experiential marketing agencies in Nigeria, we exist to support, promote and defend the interests of over 45 member agencies, with total billing of over thirty billion naira through comprehensive core services and platforms.