In Lagos on Friday, Maltina unveiled a brand new school sports campaign designed to promote the development of over 20 million school children through sports and impact communities.

Tagged ‘Maltina School Games’, the platform is a series of track and field sporting competitions held across four states in Nigeria to grow future champions at the secondary school level.

Speaking on the motive of the sports campaign, Jordi Borrut Bel, Managing Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc. said: “The Maltina School Games is a platform designed to promote the development of children, from improving their social and leadership skills, to bettering their wellbeing through sports.”

“It also contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, which is to ensure the health and wellbeing for all, with a focus on young school children,” he added.

Present at the press conference were key stakeholders including the President of the Nigerian School Sports Federation (NSSF), Olabisi Joseph; The Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Sports Commission, Sola Aiyepeku; former Nigerian Track and Field Athlete, FalilatOgunkoya;OlumideOyedeji, Nigerian professional basketballer in the NBA, and others.

Sade Morgan, Corporate Affairs Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc., also spoke on the essence of the campaign saying: “Maltina is a brand that understands that happiness is not only a fleeting moment of joy, but it is the overall wellbeing that comes with activity, community bonding, and a drive for secondary school students across Nigeria to ‘play happy’ together and share happiness.”

Sade Morgan, NB Plc, Falilat Ogunkoya, former Nigerian track and field athlete, Olabisi Joseph, NSSF President, Jordi Borrut Bel, MD, NB Plc, and Sola Aiyepeku, Lagos State Sports Commission-1

School registrations for participation in the Maltina School Games has now officially commenced. Registered schools will be required to present students who will compete in the State Preliminaries Heat and Final events, which will hold across Lagos, Anambra, Abuja, and Kano. Qualifying students from schools across Nigeria will advance to the National Finals which will hold in Lagos.

The Maltina School Games will also see grand winners in the following categories;

•             The Overall Best State (OBS): The overall best state is the participating state which has the most award winners (schools) from their state during the national finals. The OBS will win N5 million worth of support that will be split to empower the winning schools from the state with sporting equipment.

•             The Overall Best Athlete (OBA): The overall best athlete is the participant who gets the most Gold medals or the best combination of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for his/her school. The OBA will win a scholarship worth N1.5 Million to any university of choice.