Edo Concerned Stakeholders, a dynamic group dedicated to restoring Edo State’s glory, proudly joins millions of Nigerians in celebrating Democracy Day on June 12. 

In press statement the group said, “This significant day commemorates the restoration of democratic governance in Nigeria and serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to uphold and strengthen democratic principles.”

Democracy Day holds a special place in the hearts of Nigerians as it symbolizes the triumph of the people’s will and their right to participate in the decision-making processes that shape the nation’s future. 

According to the President of Edo Concerned Stakeholders, Engr. Oluwafemi Scufield Idiakhoa “We acknowledge the importance of democracy as a catalyst for positive change and sees this day as an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to advancing democratic ideals in Edo State and beyond.

“As the group actively works towards restoring Edo State’s glory, they recognize that democracy serves as a foundation for progress and development. By advocating for capable leaders within the age group of 35 to 55 and promoting transparent governance, Edo Concerned Stakeholders aims to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Edo State,” he said.

On this occasion, Edo Concerned Stakeholders encourages citizens to reflect on the significance of democracy and the role each individual plays in shaping the destiny of their state and nation. The group emphasizes the importance of active civic participation, responsible voting, and engagement with political processes to ensure a government that truly represents the interests of the people, Engr. Idiakhoa implored.

In celebrating Democracy Day, the group calls for unity, inclusivity, and the preservation of democratic values. They stand in solidarity with fellow Nigerians and reiterate their commitment to work diligently towards a brighter future for Edo State, where democracy thrives and the aspirations of the people are fulfilled.

“As Edo Concerned Stakeholders joins the nation in celebrating Democracy Day, they urge citizens to embrace the spirit of democracy, hold their leaders accountable, and actively participate in shaping the future of Edo State. Together, they believe that by upholding democratic principles, Nigeria can overcome challenges, achieve sustainable development, and create a society that upholds justice, equality, and prosperity for all,” he concluded.