As the Nigerian currency continues to depreciate against the dollar, Cozy Choice Concept Limited, a Lebanese furniture company has decided to manufactured locally so that all Nigerians can afford their products.


The director, Cozy Choice Concept Limited, Samir Bader, while speaking with LEADERSHIP said the idea is to tackle the  issues of importation and foreign exchange which have made life difficult for most Nigerians.


Bader said rather than import their products into the Nigerian market, the company decided to manufactured them in Nigeria so that Nigerians are able to buy  international standard furniture without the effect of the dollars.


He said, “The idea evolved from the absence of affordable and international standard quality and designs furniture in Nigeria. Moreover, for the ease of purchase, assembly and transportation, the furniture are packaged as flat-packed making it more cost effective for users. The Concept will further reduce the need for imported furniture by solely producing in Nigeria.”


The director said the unique thing about the furniture is the price, which enable all Nigerians to be able to purchase. Also the quality, and the fact that the company manufactured in Nigeria.


He said, “It is very easy to deliver our products because you can actually dismantle them and then reassemble. We are also trying to create modern designs in an affordable price.


“This is indeed a match made in heaven in the sense that Nigerians are able to buy  international standard furniture without th effect of the dollars. They can furnish their homes with good quality and modern designs with an affordable price.”


Speaking on the foreign exchange, Bader said the foreign exchange has been a challenge and that was the reason the company had to manufacture locally so that Nigerians from all spheres of life can afford their products.


He said, “Though the current exchange rates has really affected our business, but   that has motivated us to ensure that our furniture are manufactured with international materials and sold to Nigerians at an affordable price without necessarily adding extra money all in the name of exchange rates.”

Bader however said he is hoping that the dollar price drops so that Cozy Choice can also drop its price to the extent that the poorest of the poor can be able to buy their products