When the coronavirus officially achieved the status of a ‘pandemic’ in Nigeria, it was expected that the impact of the disease would be severe. Still, it’s implications on the socio-economic conditions of the country have been unprecedented, affecting millions of people and spelling an end to many businesses, most especially SMEs.

For the pessimists, this pandemic is a nail in the coffin for many businesses; and for the optimists, this pandemic provides a good opportunity for businesses to do some re-evaluation and ask questions about how to improve efficiency after the virus is eradicated.

For those interested in looking on the brighter side of life, Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Sparkle, a lifestyle and financial ecosystem, will be speaking on Smartpreneur to offer insights into how Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can achieve the key outcomes of improving revenue growth, increasing employee productivity, and acquiring more customers, through the use of technology.

The former Diamond Bank CEO has been a longstanding advocate of technology playing a pivotal role in providing businesses solutions. While launching his new company, Sparkle, in an interview with Forbes in June, he said:

“Throughout my career in banking and financial services, I’ve been focused on and passionate about how technology can be leveraged to affect change, at scale, in the finance and business sectors. Technology helps us to scale efficiently, quickly and cheaply – therefore opening up the market for so many more people who are currently excluded from the financial system.”

The special Smartpreneur session with Uzoma Dozie, will be hosted by media personality Tallulah Doherty-Adetona on Wednesday July 15, 2020.