The West Africa Innovation Awards will celebrate its 10th year of excellence on the 29th of July at Sheraton Hotel and Towers and several global brands will be honoured for their outstanding and remarkable contributions during the previous year and for standing tall among their peers.

British America Tobacco Nigeria Foundation will cart away two awards for excellence in corporate social responsibility while Lafarge Africa, Proficient Capital,  Global Accelrex,  FHA Mortgage Bank, DP Kay Properties and Adept Lessor  also win different categories of the award.

Other winners include Norremberger Financial Group, Zysod Communications, JSP Communications,  NSIA Insurance,  Suru Homes,  Foreshore Waters,  BOAPr,  and Vektr Capital to mention but few.

This years award will celebrate the determination and successes of brands inspite of the Covid 19 pandemic which affected the entire global economy.

Abidemi Adesanya,  Project Director for West Africa also give kudos to the tireless efforts of the panel of judges in selecting the winners for the 2021 awards.