Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde,  has inaugurated the first cassava-based sorbitol factory in Africa at  Ado-Awaye in the Oke-Ogun area of the state.

Sorbitol is usually manufactured from corn syrup for use in packaged foods, beverages, and medications. It’s mainly used to preserve moisture, add sweetness, and provides texture to products.

The casava-based sorbitol was described by the governor at the inauguration as another value addition to cassava which Oyo State was known to produce in large quantities.

Makinde said, “We are in full support of this company( Psaltery International Company Limited). We believe there cannot be urban transformation without rural development, I promise people infrastructure development to aid economy. All our development in infrastructure will reduce tougher time for agricultural produce.”

The  Director, Development and Finance Department, Central Bank of Nigeria, Ibadan Branch, Mr Yusuf Yila,  and the Deputy Director, in the department, Mr Edwin Nzelu, said the bank funded the project.

Yila said it was part of developmental function of the bank, saying the company was one of the beneficiaries of CBN Commodity Development Initiative which he said was started in 2019 with 12 focal commodities, including cassava.