Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd says it has unveiled a green area at its Abuja plant located in the Idu Industrial layout.

A statement by NBC said that this aligned with its commitment to sustainable practices and its aim to impact the environment positively.

It stated that the unveiling ceremony was held last week and showcased NBC’s unwavering commitment to a greener future and its relentless pursuit of sustainable operations.

According to the statement, the green area visualises the company’s dedication to minimising its environmental impact and reinforces NBC’s position as a front-runner in integrating sustainable practices.

The Managing Director of NBC, Matthieu Seguin, said the space showed the company’s proactive approach to incorporating sustainable practices into our operations.

He said, “This aligns with our goal of achieving net-zero emissions throughout our value chain by 2040 while positively impacting the environment.

“The Green Area symbolises our unwavering commitment to sustainability and underlines our determination to reduce our environmental footprint, and we will continue to remain resolute in our dedication to investing in the communities we serve, with the ultimate aim of making Nigeria a better place for all.”

The former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammad Bello, praised NBC for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

He stated, “NBC’s Green Area represents a significant milestone and demonstrates its dedication to creating a better future for our nation. By prioritising green spaces, NBC sets a commendable example for other organisations to follow.”