The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission, Prof Umar Danbatta, will be conferred with the National Productivity Order of Merit Award, alongside other notable Nigerians.

According to a statement, the announcement was made in an advertorial signed by the Director-General of the National Productivity Center, Nasir Raji-Mustapha, heralding Danbatta’s achievements and contributions to the development and advancement of the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The statement said Danbatta’s recognition highlights his outstanding contributions to the NCC and the telecommunications sector.

It noted that during his tenure at the NCC, Danbatta had spearheaded several initiatives that have revolutionised the telecommunications landscape in Nigeria. His leadership and decision-making are also said to have led to remarkable achievements and noteworthy milestones for the industry.

Some of the key accomplishments attributed to Danbatta’s tenure, according to the statement, include the promotion of broadband penetration, consumer empowerment and protection, sustainable industry growth, and digital inclusion and innovation, among others.

Under the promotion of broadband penetration, Danbatta’s efforts to enhance broadband connectivity across Nigeria are said to have resulted in substantial improvements in internet access and affordability.

The statement partly read, “In the area of consumer empowerment and protection, the statement hailed Danbatta for prioritising the interests and rights of telecom consumers and implementing consumer-centric policies and initiatives. Notably, the NCC’s Toll-Free Line for Consumer Complaints, introduced under his leadership, has provided an accessible platform for addressing consumer grievances and ensuring their protection.

“With respect to sustainable industry growth, under Prof Danbatta’s guidance, the telecommunications sector has witnessed significant investments and healthy competition. His strategic leadership has fueled innovation, resulting in sustainable industry growth and a positive impact on Nigeria’s economy.”